Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Winners of MyView 2011 / 2012 Announced

Well, it’s done and dusted for another year. And what an extraordinary year! There were so many great entries that our judges told us what an astonishingly hard time they had getting down to a short list, and then choosing the winners.

Thank you all so much for your entries. Without your continued support, MyView would not enjoy the great success it does, so again thank you all so very much!


The Rivals was an outstanding entry.

The silent film aspect of The Rivals was inspired by the recent Oscar-winning film The Artist, says producer/director Adrian Sibal. “With only one week before the deadline, adopting the style is the most practical approach to shoot the film in less than a day since we don't have to deal with spoken dialogue and multiple sets.”

Adrian drew inspiration from another somewhat surprising source - an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants “wherein a prehistoric version of SpongeBob and Patrick first discovered fire,” says Adrian. “In that episode, SpongeBob and Patrick are competing over the control to a piece of log which was set on fire due to a lightning. We decided that having two characters competing against each other is a good way of comparing the pros and cons of renewable and non-renewable energy sources”.

Adrian Sibal, 26, lives in Manila where he works in risk management and financial analysis. Outside of work hours Adrian is vitally interested in “creative thinking and the visual arts. I used to do oil painting. My hobbies are photography and photo and video editing. Together with peers, I am also fond of movies and dream of creating a real one someday. I created quite a number of video presentations for our youth organization”.

Adrian is a youth leader and active in his church and in the past four years has been involved in leading advocacy through organizations in his local community.

Of his winning entry Adrian says, “We tried to squeeze in a lot of ideas about the pros and cons of renewable and non-renewable energy sources to maximize the 5-minute limitation. [The film] shows that renewable energy sources are at hand, non-renewable energy sources are exhaustible, non-renewable energy sources bring forth pollutants and harm the environment”.

“One major aspect which the video emphasizes is that renewable energy implementation requires a significant initial investment but it has far more impact in the long run,” he added.

All the judges loved The Rivals’ sense of humor while delivering a strong message.

The Rivals story was awesome,” said award winning film maker Mun Chee Yong one of the judging panel, “It gets the clean energy message across in a funny and simple way. “


1st prize The Smarter Species - Carlo Marco Cruz, Philippines

2nd prize What If - Van Cleef Emnacen, Philippines

3rd prize The Treasure – Benjar Ramos, Philippines


1st prize A Day in the Life - Kai Syuen Loh, Malaysia

2nd prize Think - Yeasin Rahman, Bangladesh

3rd prize The World Runs of Gasoline - Abigail Kristy Javellana, Philippines

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