Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You're in Luck - MyView's Deadline Has Been Extended!

That’s the thing about deadlines, they’re sometimes made to be broken. And so, broken ours we have. Or extended it, would be more accurate.

And so, there is your very first prize – more time! Now you have no excuse, no reason,  and no justification not to get out into world and make your short video about renewable energy.

You now have until 23 March to get your entry in. Details here:

Don’t forget - this really is a great competition! Scroll back through our blog to look at the thoughts of previous winners and get to know some of the judges. It’s impressive, even if we say so ourselves.

So, think about the challenges of providing clean, sustainable energy for Asia and the Pacific.....because right now 800 million people still lack access to a modern supply of electricity.

Now, here’s the money stuff - a total of $10,000 worth of prizes in two categories, Under 21 and Over 21. That means every citizen of ADB’s 67 member countries is eligible to take part.

Registration for the contest is easy. Complete the online entry form, and then upload your video to YouTube.com or Youku.com, tagging it with ‘ADB-MyView’.

Don’t forget! The new deadline for submission of entries is 23 March 2012. 

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