Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome to the International Year of Energy for All!

Can the world:
- ensure universal access to modern energy services?
- double the rate of improvement of energy efficiency?
- double the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix?

And do it all by 2030? Those are the stated aims of “The International Year of Energy for All.”

Energy and access to energy are vital in the development of communities and nations, but is so often overlooked as a cause of poverty and economic hardship.

Watch this to find out more:

In 2012, the Asian Development Bank joins other leading global organizations in highlighting the need for access to reliable, sustainable, renewable energy. There can be no development without energy. Poverty cannot be addressed sustainably without energy services.

Energy can assist in alleviating poverty – access to modern energy for heating, cooking and electricity can generate cash, supplement incomes and improve health and education.

Electricity can improve health and health services, keep kids in school, alleviate the burden of ”women’s work.”

Watch music group Linkin Park and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon talk about Sustainable Energy for All

If you want to show your support for alleviating poverty through energy, you can download this banner for your website, Facebook page, Twitter account or blog:

You can also enter MyView --- yes, you still have plenty of time!

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