Sunday, November 20, 2011

MyView Past Winners

Last year’s winning MyView entry was from Indonesian entrant Muhammad “Wawan” Zulqamar with his video Save Water.

The entire judging panel found the film “almost flawless”. In little over a minute Wawan impressed with concept, direction, and sense of place. There is a strong sense of Asia in the film, as well as a serious yet humorous message. “Exquisite, well-acted, memorable and haunting,” said judge award-winning film maker, Christopher Beaver.

In our inaugural year (2009), Filipino entrant Alvin Tiamzon won for his witty How to Save the World.

Alvin came up the concept on his way to the office, corralled his work mates during lunch time and spent the hour filming. The result was an enormously popular and funny video that was not only a hit among the judges but a great success on YouTube. It was later re-worked by ADB and Alvin for a PSA for broadcast on network television.

Because of his winning MyView entry, Alvin has been offered work making videos for a carbon-management company. More about that and other news about Alvin and Wawan in upcoming blogs.

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